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Home Computer Forensic

AIS and its associates are able to provide an array of computer services to assist Trial Attorneys, Corporations, Insurance Companies, and other private investigation firms in the private or public sectors. We are able to recover data, design networks and retrieve information for litigation support.

Computer Forensic investigations is the science of recovering data from a computer that may have been deleted, damaged or hidden.

Some people may believe that deleting the information or reformatting the computer wil dissolve the information. The reality is the evidence is still there waiting to be recovered by the computer expert.

Computer Forensics is not just a science but is an art.

Recovering information from a hard drive could be critical for a company or an attorney representing a defendant in a criminal case.

It is equally important not just to recover the evidence but to be able to document the evidence in case testimony is needed at a later date.

Our computer specialist will create an accurate audit log identifying a detailed description of the data recovered. The completed log is signed and dated by our specialist.