Detective: Donald K. MacConnell

Allentown, PA



Home Surveillance

AIS has highly experienced private investigators that specialize in conducting electronic surveillance. Our investigators use modern equipment allowing them to adapt to all circumstances to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Under Cover Investigations:

Employee theft, corporate espionage, drugs and stalking can plagued the workplace. If proper planning is not implemented, the company can be put out of business. This applies to small and large companies.

Undercover operations can mean using any covert investigative techniques from installing high-tech surveillance equipment to planting an undercover investigator inside the establishment or company to document and identify any illegal acts.

This type of investigation is critical for the principals. AIS will have one of our experts consult with the principals of the company where the undercover operation will take place. Our consultant will discuss issues such as attempting to determine where the breach of security or crime is evolving from. Who may be the targets? Our consultants will need to discuss the legalities of what techniques may be implemented according to law. There may have to be discussions with the local District Attorney relating to the violations or crimes identified in order to prevent further criminal acts. These cases require a lot of planning.

There are two main goals in conducting covert / undercover investigations. The first goal is to protect the undercover operative by protecting his or her identity at all times. The second main goal is to be successful in targeting violations and or crimes and implement solutions with the client to recover from losses and prevent future losses if possible so the client can maintain a profit and continue business.