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Crimes against the elderly are nothing new. According to the National Center for Elder Abuse (NCEA), elder abuse is the maltreatment of older people by family members, caretakers or facilities where the senior citizen or patient resides.

American Investigation Services can assist in these situations by making unscheduled visits to these facilities.

Our investigators will gather as much evidence as possible to determine if and what crimes if any were made against the abused senior citizen patient.

The warning signs of Elder Abuse may include:

Family and Friends can’t always visit their friends and loved ones as they would like because of hectic schedules or because of logistics where the facilities location is too far away. AIS can conduct a welfare check of an individual and report back the status to the client.

The client may request scheduled visits and photos of their loved ones on a regular scheduled basis to be assured that the senior citizen or patient is being taken care of and not being abused.