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Criminal Investigations require specific knowledge, experience and investigative techniques to properly prepare a defense strategy. A thorough investigation can be critical in providing the innocence of the defendant in the case.

It is equally important to be familiar with the elements of the charges brought against the defendant. An experienced investigator may be able to obtain facts and evidence to a lesser charge during a Plea Bargain agreement which would reduce the punishment

In addition, proper forensic techniques, procedures and expert witnesses could be a critical part of the investigation depending on the alleged crime committed. Our experienced investigators work closely with criminal defense attorneys for defense preparation of misdemeanor and or felony criminal cases.

Our staff works closely with various law firms to provide services that produce results and cost effective solutions.

We will assist trial attorneys with the trial preparation. AIS is experienced in preparing subpoenas and scheduling witnesses for testimony in accordance with the trial attorney’s instructions. In addition, our staff can provide witness transportation to and from court.

We provide additional services such as serving process obtaining and copying court documents and transporting witnesses to and from court for trials and depositions.